How to stop WordPress spam

My blog is protected by Advanced Textual Confirmation.

* No more spam.
* No complains from the visitors.

ATC is a generic tool, suitable for any PHP script. On my sites, it also protects phpBB forum and several Wikis.

Installation is simple, just follow the instructions. For WordPress, it’s enough to modify only one file, wp-config.php. Add at the beginning:

require_once '...../bbantispam.php';

Trivial install, trivial maintenance.

2 Responses to “How to stop WordPress spam”

  1. Bacek Says:

    Heh. How you can sell ATC??? I just can’t imagine it…

  2. olpa Says:

    Any useful program can be sold. I didn’t believe in it, but I sold several copies of Textual Confirmation for phpBB. Therefore, I think ATC can be sold too.

    And anyway, I mostly hope in the business edition, selling the commented source code, not an obfuscated version.

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