running Fritz&Fertig (eng: Fritz and Chesster) in the parental control mode (Mac OS X)

I purchased "Fritz und Fertig: Schach lernen und trainieren ("Fritz and Chesster: learn to play chess", other languages also available). My opinion is simple: it's a masterpiece and the best ever computer game for children.

Unfortunately, I got technical problems. Fortunately, solved them.

The main issue is that my Mac Mini can't read the CD. Therefore, I tried to rip the disk and use the image. To my big surprise, it worked. No idiotic anti-copy protection.

Ripping a CD. Probably user-friendly tools exist, but I used something like this:

$ sudo umount /Volumes/Fritz\ und\ Fertig
$ sudo dd if=/dev/disk1s1s2 of=ff.iso

To mount the image, just click on "ff.iso" in Finder.

But can you click on the image in Simplified Finder (parental control works)? Probably yes, but I don't know how. Therefore, I wrote a wrapper script "FritzUndFertiz.command":


open /Users/
sleep 5
open '/Volumes/Fritz und Fertig/Fritz - OS X/Fritz und Fertig'

To run the script, set the executable flag ("chmod +x FritzUndFertiz.command" in the console). Move the script to "MyApplications", try to run, allow all the required programs, and --

The child can run Fritz&Fertig without assistance.

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