german pc keyboard on mac os x

The keys "< " and "^" seem swapped, but otherwise the normal PC german keyboard layout for Mac OS X is here:
December 05, 2011

tracing libc calls with dtrace

In order to find if I can affect a program through environment variables, I decided to trace all getenv calls and see if there is something interesting. Easy...
January 26, 2011

setting up a local macports repository

Many OSes have port systems, Mac OS X has too. Macports provides a lot of useful software, but not all. If a software can't be in the macports for some reaso...
February 12, 2010

upgrading a macport package

Upgrading a macports (darwinports) package is not as easy as $ sudo port upgrade something </code> In many cases I need the following command: $ sud...
December 08, 2008

rsync server on mac os x

For development purposes, I'd like to run a rsync server on a Mac. People in forums recommend to avoid the default system rsync, which is accused of being bu...
November 11, 2008

feeding 128-bit wep hex key to Mac

For historical reasons, my home wifi router uses a WEP 128-bit HEX key. It caused troubles while installing a Mac. The setup program accepted only 40-bit key...
November 14, 2007