scheme as a virtual machine - III

After experimenting with CPSCM, I have to drop it. The final now consists of two implementations: Chicken and Gambit. For closures, CPSCM relies on the host...
November 12, 2010

CPSCM, how the compiled code looks like

I spent time understanding the result of CPSCM conversion from Scheme to Scheme and JavaScript backends. Notes are here:
November 02, 2010

scheme as a virtual machine - II

Closing a TODO, I've filtered the list of Scheme implementations to find candidates for experimenting with using Scheme as a VM. The winners are: Chicken CP...
October 04, 2010

r5rs scheme as a virtual machine - I

Some time ago I advocated that the programming language Scheme is a new portable assembler. We can code something in Scheme and then compile it to PHP or Pyt...
September 28, 2010