german-russian, german-arabic vim keymaps

vim includes many keyboard layouts, defined as mappings for symbols of the english layout. Unfortunately, these maps are not useful when the base layout is g...
December 16, 2011

vim unicode setup for windows 2000

To display unicode (utf8) files in vim in windows, the following commands should be added to %PROGRAMS%\Vim\_vimrc: set encoding=utf-8 set guifont=Courier_...
December 29, 2010

entering special characters in vim

Time to time, I forget it. Found again in some wiki: "Entering special characters". In short: ^Vnnn or ^Vxnn. Note also: "how to input diacritic characters".
March 10, 2010

wrapping text in vim

For long time, I wanted the following functionality in vim: I select text and say "wrap the text by a tag". Now I'm formatting texts for HTML, and this funct...
December 03, 2006

fast docbook editing in vim

I'm going to write quite a big text in DocBook format. At work I use FrameMaker, but at home I don't have FM, so I'll use the universal text editor vim. DocB...
June 21, 2005

indenting XML in vim

Sometimes I need to look inside XML files which consist of one big line. It's very impossible, and reformatting takes a time. Fortunately, I've found a good ...
June 15, 2005

vim and linebreak at the end of file

Sometimes it's very unhelpful when vim automatically adds a linebreak at the end of file. Finally, I've became so irritated to switch to joe each time to cor...
April 11, 2005